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I am always looking forward to the first minus degrees, they are so special. Visiting a bog is amazing in every season. Come and let’s go together!

So, it’s time to share some photos of Estonian biggest mammal – Eurasian elk (or in America they say “moose”). They are mostly seen all over Estonia and the best time for that is in autumn when they have their mating season.  But actually it doesn’t matter which season you come, it’s quite possible to see them all year round. We have wildlife watching tour! Book a tour and let’s see where the nature takes us

Autumn has created beautiful patterns. It’s interesting to see how nature is preparing for the winter. So, it’s the last change to enjoy autumn. There are still some pretty yellow leaves and even the sun shines now and then.  The weekend was very stormy, but it’s a new week with a better weather. 

Black grouse in the action. He is waiting for rivals and preparing himself for a fight. We have bird watching day tours! Check them out here!

There are some curious (and a little bit crazy) capercaillies in the forest. The best time for seeing them is in early spring when they have their mating rituals. Usually they are seen in the bog forests and gravel roads. But as I mentioned before there are some crazy ones who can be seen everywhere. 😉

Take a moment to enjoy autumn because it’s one of the prettiest times to visit the bog. Colorful leaves, the smell of mushrooms and a lot of cranberries. Check out our nature tours.