Spring is on but the virus has done it’s job, so i think #visitestonialater is proper way to describe the situation. Europe is more or less closed, just last few days some emergency routes are open. It’s huge impact to the toursim sector. It’s clear that for nature toursim the spring season is officially off but i have pretty strong gut feeling that it will have huge impact to autumn season as well. But looking to the future, I think more people start to appriciate closer destinations and more sophisticated way of spending their holidays. So i do see that Estonia has here a nische to fill.

I also hope that those guys who just few weeks ago thought that climate change is somewhere other side of the globe, approximately as fas as is the Wuhan province in China, now think a moment before posting a next comment to support deforestation, brown energy or pollution.

I’m not going to close down the business but recovering the state what was month ago will take long time, or maybe … Maybe there will be even new way how to do nature tourism, a better way.

So far, bird still migrate, wildlife is active in the forest, there is a sunrise and sunset, there is more (!!!) fresh air and good friends to share all of that.

I will contiunue sharing images of Estonian natur and i hope you also have time to have laong walks in the nature and fresh air. Lets just hope that someone is not sharing raris in public šŸ™‚