Day Tours around Tallinn – Things to do in Tallinn

Day Tours around Tallinn –  Things to do in Tallinn

We are sure Tallinn is worth visiting for several days or more but you have not seen Estonia unless you have been at least one of the day tours around Tallinn. On this page you will find list of alternative day trips near Tallinn:  guided nature & culture daytours , safaris, hikes and photography workshops. Some of them are only available certain seasons of the year, some of them available the whole year. Click on tour for more details or send us a e-mail here.

Some tours have reduced price between 1st of November and 1st of March!

If you book your tour for 2020 before 20. December 2019 you will get year 2019 price!

Day Tours around Tallinn


ASK price for winter season

(1.November – 31.March)


Available also in winter!


May and June 2020

Why us? We are offering you (or your group, family, friends) personal tour and approach, usually we make some changes to the tour based on your expectations. You can have your own pace what you can not have with bigger group and you start your day, have a lunch exactly when and where you want.

Please note that we take into account the weather, season , possible human influence in nature and we might offer you alternative based on that.

You are safe with us! Let’s assume you have booked landscape photography tour and we expect to rain heavily the whole day. You can cancel the tour 12 h before start without loosing a deposit, its free of charge and we are taking that risk on behalf of you!