Bird watching tour to West-Estonia (day tour)

This guided bird watching tour is a great introduction to Estonia’s birdlife and suitable for regular birdwatchers, nature lovers or people who just want to have a city break. About 300-350 species of birds can be seen annually in Estonia.
The species vary depending on the season, and the best time for bird watching is during the spring or autumn migrations. However, the summer also offers great possibilities. Please contact us if you like to have list of key species for certain period of year!
Tour will take you from Tallinn to West Estonia and back to Tallinn, visiting several habitats in the coastal meadows, forest and birdwatching towers.
Easy walking max about 3 km, 6-10m climb to towers.
Tour is about 10-12 hours, include, guide, transport, spotting scope, binoculars, light snacks and drinks. Lunch not included in the cost but we can arrange lunch at Estonian restaurant.

No. of people* Price per person Specific species ** (extra per person)
1 240€ +40€
2 125€ +25€
3 90€ +22€
4 75€ +18€

* In case of group of 5-8 people, please contact us for price.
**In case you like to focus on specific key species. Please reconcile the species list before you place an order.