What to do in Tallinn ?

What to do in Tallinn ?

After spending some days in Tallinn, you probably start to think what to do in Tallinn ? You won’t be disappointed if you choose to spend a day outside of the city!

Capture Estonia is small, independent company offering alternative for people visiting Tallinn.  We offer day tours, some of them are top 10 things to do in Tallinn or Estonia. For example day trip to Lahemaa National Park is most popular and loved tour.   North coastline scenic daytrips general nature daytours , bird watching, wildlife watching safaris, photography workshops are all safe adventures to serious naturalist or someone looking for easy entertainment in Estonia- the hidden gem of European wilderness. Now we are first ones in Estonia to offer drone photography tours (outside of Tallinn only)! Click here to see more about drone tours.  Bits of culture, history and local way of life is included to each daytrip. Click here to go to day trips section!

what to do in Tallinn

Most daytrips are less than 1h drive from Tallinn, some of those are just 10-15 km outside so we are not going to spend half a day driving.  We can do really easy walking if you wish but also tough off-track through wild forest. You can rent from us tripods, binoculars, birding scopes and through our partner lenses and camera bodies (Nikon & Canon) and but also drones, stabilizers and other accessories.

Our location is near Tallinn, but we operate all over Estonia. We take into account your interests, try to avoid tourist traps and use reliable, helpful and friendly guides. You get full door to door service, all adventures are safe and we will take care of you the whole day. Contact us!

Day Tours around Tallinn – Things to do in Tallinn

Day Tours around Tallinn –  Things to do in Tallinn

We are sure Tallinn is worth visiting for several days or more but you have not seen Estonia unless you have been at least one of the day tours around Tallinn. On this page you will find list of alternative day trips near Tallinn:  guided nature & culture daytours , safaris, hikes and photography workshops. Some of them are only available certain seasons of the year, some of them available the whole year. Click on tour for more details or send us a e-mail here.

Some tours have reduced price between 1st of November and 1st of March!

Day Tours around Tallinn

lahemaa national park tour

LAHEMAA National Park:



Available also in winter!

drone photography tour estonia



Nature day tour in estonia


Available also in winter!



Season is on, just few days still

available in May


Available from March 2019!


Available also in winter!


Available also in winter!


Short daytour available

also in winter!


Season is on and we are

taking orders for

May and June 2019

Why us? We are offering you (or your group, family, friends) personal tour and approach, usually we make some changes to the tour based on your expectations. You can have your own pace what you can not have with bigger group and you start your day, have a lunch exactly when and where you want.

Please note that we take into account the weather, season , possible human influence in nature and we might offer you alternative based on that.

You are safe with us! Let’s assume you have booked landscape photography tour and we expect to rain heavily the whole day. You can cancel the tour 12 h before start without loosing a deposit, its free of charge and we are taking that risk on behalf of you! 

Latest photos

Latest photos from Estonian nature and our tours

Latest photos are from awarded Estonian nature photographer and guide Marko Poolamets, Instagram feed.  Follow at Instagram!

Contact us for prints orany use of images! 


About Me

Hi, I’m Marko Poolamets, founder and guide in Capture Estonia. About 16 years ago I started with nature photography as a hobby. I have been focused on that hobby since then and managed to reach the well known photographer reputations over the years.  This company was established  in 2011 to offer high quality outdoor and nature experiences, introduce Estonian history, culture and way of living,  teach people to tell their story through photography and support local nature conservation efforts.

Over 10 years of  experience as a nature guide/photographer, very good feedback from my clients and several awards and recognition’s are convincing me that I we have chosen the right path and products for our customers. We tailor EVERY tour based on your needs and interests!

Last 4 years I have been focusing also to film making. I have been involved in several smaller projects and currently working on 3 one-hour documentaries that will be finished in the end of 2018 and first half of 2019.

About Capture- Estonia

Capture Estonia is small, independent company offering one day nature tours, bird-watching tours, wildlife safaris and photography workshops in Estonia, which is the hidden gem of European wilderness. Estonia offers you the most creative environment, most in-tact biodiversity and most diverse photo locations for all level of skills and interests.

The experiences you have in Estonian nature will be quite different based on the season, but each season offers something unique and beautiful. It is possible to see  lynxes, bears and wolves in Estonia, which is a true rarity in Western Europe.  Just under an hour drive from Tallinn, you can see majestic cliffs, spectacular forests, large wetlands and internationally important areas of bird migration. In terms of birdwatching Estonia is TOP destination in EU.  The diversity unleashes the photographers creativity, and you will be amazed by the images you will capture with your camera during your visit. The richness of the flora and fauna emerges from our location and climate, giving Estonia a combination of landscapes that are diverse, beautiful, and special. By immersing yourself in nature, you will be able to learn more about our culture as well. This includes not just modern Estonian culture, but also the legacy of our native ancestors and the mix of influences from other cultures, such as Swedish, German, Danish and Russian.  Estonians believe that our existence depends on environment we live in, and on the harmony between man and nature is culturally important. By immersing yourself in nature and connecting with a knowledgeable guide, you will gain a better understanding of the country you are visiting and local cultural connections to the environment.

Our location is near Tallinn, but we operate all over Estonia. Our advantage is the compact size of the country, which provides easy access to all locations.


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