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Photo skills

Does not matter if you are novice or professional, all skill levels are welcome to join our tours. In case you don’t feel comfortable with your camera we can offer you basic training about photography. That would include basic knowledge of photography concept and technical explanations, composition, techniques and tips for different situations and gear guide. In case you need basic training please inform us in advance. Basic training is free of charge! We are always there for you on the field so feel free to ask assistance when you need it.

If you participate the tour, please take 30- 50 your best shots with you, everyone get a chance to share their images and stories with others.



If you are in average fit and without major health problems no track will be difficult for you. As our goal is photography the pace is low and we will not cover tens of kilometers per day. Maximum distance will be around 10 kilometers. If you feel comfortable with the area and like to wonder around you will always have a possibility to take longer walks.