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Bring the camera and lenses you have. We will shoot different kind of subjects so from wide angle to tele and macro it’s all welcome. Still, leave behind what you don't use, as some hikes can be up to 10 km and the less your backpack weights the better. Would be good if your photo backpack have room for water bottle and extra clothing. Bring all your batteries and memory cards, tripod, filters, everything you use on daily bases. We have some reflectors and diffusers what you are welcome to use. We have basic cleaning kit for cleaning lenses, but for sensor cleaning you have to bring your own kit. We take no responsibilities of loss and damage of your gear so please make sure you have proper travel insurance.



Estonia has 4 seasons so clothing and footwear should be according to one. During spring and autumn there is occasional night frost so be prepared having a zero temperatures during mornings and evenings.Bring warm underwear, fleece, jacket, also bring some backup layer in case you get wet or cold.

During summer wear long sleeves and trousers that keep you out of reach from mosquitos and other annoying insects. Although days can be as warm as 35 degrees, it can be much cooler an moist under the forest so have an extra layer that keeps you warm if needed.

During winter it can be as cold as -30 degrees. We suggest to have multiple warm layers + windproof layer. Even if you feel warm while you are walking you will freeze within minutes when you stop, so have extra layers with you.

Footwear - As we visit many wetlands wear waterproof hiking boots (goretex or such), gaiters are also „must have“ equipment. In case really wet areas we have rubber boots you can use.



Be insured! Normal travel insurance covers 99% of possible situations.

We take no responsibilities of damage and/or loss of your equipment, clothes or other belongings. We take no responsibility if your flight is cancelled or will be late. We take no responsibility of your health, but please let us know if you have significant health risks, allergies or nutritional limits so we can be prepared. However we are always open to help you and find a suitable solution if possible.



There are no significant natural hazards. Mosquitos and ticks are most annoying threats. Although we act respectively to the nature mosquitos need radical approach. During May to July please take suitable mosquito repellent with you. Wipers are common in wetlands. Normal precautions and good hiking boots is enough for your safety. Wiper bite is not dangerous for healthy person, only risk is it to your health in case you are highly allergic to similar bites (wasp, bee). Animal attack is highly unlikely event and you should not worry about it. Even this happens we have countermeasures for such attack. Our personelle has passed the training of first aid and there is first aid kit always available.


Behavior in wild


We do not leave any garbage to the nature. Smoking and making fire is allowed only followed by local rules and not allowed in case of long try period. In case of photographing wildlife we act silently without disturbing habitation in their natural environment. Perfumes and similar are not allowed as it lowers the chance to animal observation. On wetland areas it’s not allowed to deviate from marked trail. If you want to wonder around by yourself inform your guide about it and make sure you are comfortable about orientating the area. Make sure you know your way back. Further safety instructions will be given at the beginning of your tour.