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June 2016 (Germany)

Great day out. It was the only rainy day in spring but stil great, great locations, friendly and very helpful guide.


June 2016 (UK)


Great day outdoors! 56 spiecies of birds in 6 hours, fox, roe deer, elk, wild boar! Wasn't expecting such a good result for a half-day tour.  Guide was well organized, was ready to meet us at 6am. Great restaurant in Haapasalu, excellent food. Thanks again!

Mark & Susan


June 2016 (Norway)

It's my fifth photography trip to Estonia. Pleased as always! Great weather, spring was bit late but still got lot of great images!

There will be a sixth trip soon :)

Best regards,



May 2016 (Irland)


Had meant to get in touch sooner been fairly busy since we got back.

Haven't got to look at your website and photos yet, I'm looking forward to seeing them.

Once again, thanks for your company and all the great guiding!

Best Wishes, 

Michael & Lucy


April 2016 (Germany)

While it rained for three days Marko managed to find single spot in north coast without rain and 180 seconds of sun. Thank you for photography tips and your photos are amazing!

All the best,