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South- Estonia is a place where hundreds of small lakes vary with small hills. Being the highest area in Estonia, with highest peak only 318 meters, one can still enjoy breathtaking view over surrounding areas covered with forests that sprawl till horizon. Those forests hide lot of pearls- species that have vanished from Europe or are just introduced small populations. Here they are free and wild- bears, wolves, lynx, flying–squirrel, capercaillie, grouse etc.

Canoeing on Ahja river unfold red sandstone cliffs - riverbanks in Taevaskoja and Piusa. South- estonians speak different dialect compared to other regions- person from north barely understands the person from south. South shelters some other minorities like Seto’s with their incredible traditional outfit and wierd traditions, “old- belivers” on the coast of lake Peipus with their fishing traditions, onion farms and homemade faints also known as moonshine.

South- Estonia is perfect place for hiking as there is good infrastructure supported by people being very hospitable and there are different things to see and do.