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There are not many capitals in the world that are that small and compact as Tallinn. Just 20-30 minute drive from centrum is enough to find yourself in the wild, surrounded by forest, rare plants and wildlife. In North- Estonia limestone cliff lining, covering hundreds of kilometers from Gotland to Lake Ladoga, is like a time machine, you can observe sediments and fossils layer- by layer through the ages behind millions of years ago.


There are lots of small islands near north coast that have rich and vivid cultural background with isolated nature like Naissaar, Aegana, Prangli, Mohni, Pedassaar, Pakri that were ruled by Soviet army, but still have culture roots deep in the ground.


Lahemaa National Park (first National Park in Soviet Union) is the largest one in Estonia. In 73 t/ha you can find aboriginal forests, silent alvars, small romantic villages, fantastic pine groves and flocks of migrating birds during spring and autumn.

North-Estonia delivers to visitor the contrasts, harmony and conflicts between nature and inhabitation, unique historical heritage, varied and wild nature experience.