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Capture Estonia is an independent small company offering one day nature tours, wildlife safaris and photography workshops in Estonia- hidden pearl of European wilderness. We are offering you most creative environment, most compact biodiversity and most varied  photo locations for all level of skills and interests.

The beauty of nature is based on 4 seasons which all are very different but create the wholeness. Our every day mates are lynxes, bears and wolves that are true rarity in Western Europe. Just under an hour drive from Tallinn takes you to majestic cliffs, spectacular forest array, large wetlands and areas of bird migration. Just hour more driving and you reach Lake Peipus, Saaremaa, Hiiumaa and South Estonian Highland. The diversity unleashes the photographers creativity to squeeze it all out from your camera. The richness of the flora and fauna is based on our location between different types of forests and climate. We appreciate the legacy of our native ancestors as well the impacts from other cultures such as Swedish, German, Danish and Russian which all are mixed with our ancient traditions and belief that our existence depends on environment we live in and on the harmony between man and nature.


Our location is near Tallinn, but we operate over Estonia. Our advantage is our compactness  and easy access to all locations. We avoid tourist traps and take you to pure wilderness.